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Union Pacific


AC4400CW Chris Denbow
AC4400CW David Epling
AC4400CW Alfred Woolfolk II
AC4400CW Alfred Woolfolk II
AC6000CW Chris Denbow
AC6000CW Alfred Woolfolk II
AC60/44CW Alfred Woolfolk II
B40-8 Alfred Woolfolk II
C36-7 Greg Wiltsie
C40-8 James Solakidis
C40-8 Alfred Woolfolk II
C40-8 Alfred Woolfolk II
C40W-8 Cullen McCormick
C41W-8 Alfred Woolfolk II
C44W-9 David Epling
C44W-9 Alfred Woolfolk II
C44W-9 Alfred Woolfolk II
Challenger Justin Nelson
DDA35 Matt Liverani
  DD35B Matt Liverani
DDA40-X David Epling
DDA40-X Matt Liverani
E9 David Epling
E9B David Epling
ES44AC Nick Wilson
  GG20B Gregg Staley
GP15-1 Dave Howarth
GP15-1 Cullen McCormick
GP15-1 Greg Wiltsie
  GP38-2, ex-DRGW David Howarth
GP40-2 Cullen McCormick
GP60 Nick Wilson
GP60, ex-SP Nick Wilson
GP60, ex-SP Nick Wilson
SD38-2, ex-CNW Dave Howarth
SD38-2, ex-MP SD40-2 Dave Howarth
SD40-2 Chris Denbow
SD40-2 (snoot) Chris Denbow
SD40-2 Cullen McCormick
SD40-2 Cullen McCormick
SD40-2 (snoot) Brad Morocco
SD40-2 Matt Liverani
SD40-2, ex-MP Greg Wiltsie
SD40T-2 Chris Denbow 
SD40T-2 Cullen McCormick
SD40T-2 (snoot) Chris Denbow
SD40T02 Alfred Woolfolk II
SD50 James Solakidis
SD50, ex-MP Greg Wiltsie
SD60 Chris Denbow
SD60M Chris Denbow
SD60M Austin MacDougall
SD70M Ed Bindler
  SD70M Tom Carter
SD70M Alfred Woolfolk II
SD70M Alfred Woolfolk II
  SD70M Alfred Woolfolk II
SD70M Chris Denbow
SD70M Flares Lance Myers
SD70M Flags Eric Rasmussen
SD70M Flags Alfred Woolfolk II
SD70M, ex-SP Nick Wilson
SD70M Greg Wiltsie
SD70M Alfred Woolfolk II
SD70ace John Hatchitt
SD70ace James Solakidis
SD70ace Staley/Wilson
SD70ace- MP Heritage 1982 John Hatchitt
SD70ace- MP Heritage 1982 Gregg Staley
SD70ace-WP Heritage 1983 John Hatchitt
SD70ace-WP Heritage 1983 James Solakidis
SD70ace-WP Heritage 1983 Gregg Staley
SD70ace-Katy Heritage 1988 John Hatchitt
  SD70ace-Katy Heritage 1988 Austin MacDougall
SD70ace-Katy Heritage 1988 Gregg Staley
SD70ace-CNW Heritage John Hatchitt
SD70ace-CNW Heritage Gregg Staley
SD70ace-SP Heritage John Hatchitt
SD70ace - Bush Commemorative Gregg Staley
SD9043 Chris Denbow 
SD90MAC Alfred Woolfolk II
  * SW10 David Epling
SW1500 Cullen McCormick
SW1500, ex-SP Cullen McCormick
Turbine Matt Steinblock 
U25B Dave Cooley
UP 844 David Epling

Freight Cars

AutoMax Gregg Staley
Autorack Chris Denbow
  Autorack Cullen McCormick
Box, 40' Dave Hersrud
  Box Dave Hersrud
  Box, 60' Cullen McCormick
Box, Hi-cube Dave Hersrud
Box, Hi-Cube Dave Hersrud
ex-MP Dave Hersrud
  ex-MP Dave Hersrud
Beth Gondola Chris Denbow
Beth Gondola Chris Denbow
Caboose David Epling
  Caboose David Epling
  Caboose, MOW David Epling
Covered Hopper Chris Denbow
Covered Hopper, ACF David Epling
Covered Hopper Cullen McCormick
Cushion Coil Alfred Woolfolk II
  Cushion Coil Alfred Woolfolk II
Hopper Alfred Woolfolk II
Reefer Matt Steinblock
  Stock Dave Hersrud
Tank, CAER Gregg Staley
Tender David Epling
Tender David Epling
Tool Car David Epling


Business Cars

UP 207 David Epling
UP 208 David Epling
Barton David Epling
Challenger David Epling
Cheyenne David Epling
City of Denver David Epling
City of Los Angeles David Epling
  City of Portland David Epling
City of Salina David Epling
Columbia Eagle David Epling
Columbia River David Epling
Columbine David Epling
City of Portland David Epling
  City of Salina David Epling
City of San Francisco David Epling
Council Bluffs David Epling
Feather River David Epling
Green River David Epling
Harriman David Epling
Head End Power David Epling
Idaho David Epling
Katy Flyer David Epling
Kenefick David Epling
Missouri River Eagle David Epling
North Platte David Epling
Omaha David Epling
Overland David Epling
Pacific Limited David Epling
Pony Express David Epling
Portland Rose David Epling
Portola David Epling
Powder River David Epling
Promontory David Epling
Selma David Epling
Shoshone David Epling
St Louis David Epling
Sunshine Special David Epling
Sun Valley David Epling
Walter Dean David Epling
Wyoming David Epling

* Adapted from Charles White's HP10

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