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B23-7 Chris Denbow
B23-7  CRQ Chris Denbow
B23-7 Nick Wilson
B23-7  CRQ Nick Wilson
C30-7 Chris Denbow
C30-7 Nick Wilson
C30-7a Nick Wilson
C36-7 Nick Wilson
C39-8 Chris Denbow
C39-8 Nick Wilson
C39-8 CRQ Chris Denbow
C39-8 CRQ Nick Wilson
C39-8 Ballast Express Chris Denbow
C39-8 Ballast Express Nick Wilson
C40-8 Chris Denbow
C40W-8 Chris Denbow
C40W-8 Lance Myers
  C40W-8 Nick Wilson
C40W-8 Alfred Woolfolk II
C40W-8 CRQ Chris Denbow
C40W-8 CRQ Alfred Woolfolk II
E8 Chris Denbow
GG1 Sebastian Ledesma
  GP15-1 Cullen McCormick
GP15-1, OLS Greg Wiltsie
GP15-1 Greg Wiltsie
GP30 Dave Hersrud
GP35 Greg Wiltsie
GP35, #2386 Greg Wiltsie
GP38-2 Chris Denbow
GP38-2 CRQ Chris Denbow
GP38-2 OLS Chris Denbow
GP40-2 Chris Denbow
GP40-2 CRQ Chris Denbow
SD38 Dave Howarth
SD40-2 Chris Denbow
SD40-2 CRQ Chris Denbow
SD40-2 CRQ Alfred Woolfolk II
SD45-2 CRQ Chris Denbow
SD45-2 CRQ Alfred Woolfolk II
SD50 Olympics Matt Liverani
SD60 Chris Denbow
SD60i CRQ Chris Denbow
SD60i CRQ Alfred Woolfolk II
SD70 Chris Denbow
SD70 Nick Wilson
SD70MAC CRQ Chris Denbow
SD80MAC CRQ Chris Denbow
SD80MAC Lance Myers
SD80MAC Lance Myers
SW1001 Cullen McCormick
SW1500 Cullen McCormick
SW1500 Lance Myers
U25B Dave Cooley
U25B, ex-EL Dave Cooley
U25B, ex-PC Dave Cooley
U25C Dave Cooley
Slug, ex-SD38, #2 & 23, res. Gregg Staley


Freight Cars

Autorack Chris Denbow
Autorack, CRQ Chris Denbow
Boxcar Chris Denbow
Box, 50' Dave Hersrud
  Box, 60' Nick Wilson
Box, Hi-Cube Chris Denbow
Box, Hi-Cube CRQ Chris Denbow
Bulkhead Flat Tom Burger
Caboose Chris Denbow
Caboose, CRQ Chris Denbow
Caboose David Epling
Cement Hopper Chris Denbow
Coalporter Chris Denbow
Coalporter, CRQ Chris Denbow
Covered Hopper Chris Denbow
Covered Hopper Q Chris Denbow
Cushion Coil Chris Denbow
Gondola Chris Denbow
Hopper Chris Denbow
Hopper, CRQ Chris Denbow
Hopper Austin MacDougall
Hopper, Ballast Chris Denbow
MOW Gondola Chris Denbow

Notes:  "CRQ" indicates "Conrail Quality" emblem is on the freight car.  "OLS" refers to Operation Life Saver.

Office Car/Executive Train Equipment

Office Car #11 Chris Denbow
Office Car #12 Chris Denbow
Office Car #1 Chris Denbow
Office Car #55 Chris Denbow
Office Car #8 Chris Denbow
Office Car #9 Chris Denbow

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