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Milwaukee Road


Bi-Polar Ledesma/Epling
F40C Dave Hersrud
H14-44 Dave Hersrud
H16-44 Dave Hersrud
SDL-39 Dave Howarth
SDL-39 Dan MacKellar
SD40-2 Matt Liverani
SD40-2 Alex Stroshane
U25B Dave Cooley
U28B Dave Hersrud


Box Chris Denbow
Box, 40' Dave Hersrud
  Box, 50' Dave Hersrud
Box, 50' Dave Hersrud
Box, 86' Dave Hersrud
Box, 86' Dave Hersrud
  * Cabeese David Epling
Caboose Dave Hersrud
  Flat, Bulkhead Tom Burger
Gondola Dave Hersrud
  Hopper Dave Hersrud
Hopper Dave Hersrud
LO, 34' Dave Hersrud
LO, Airflow Dave Hersrud
  Ore Jenny Dave Hersrud


Commuter Cars


Bi-Level Commuter, Cab Car

Dave Hersrud
  Bi-Level Commuter, Dave Hersrud

*  Drawing by Justin Nelson.

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