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FROGRAIL's Train Gifs


Contributing Artists

As mentioned in the Disclaimers, above, it is difficult to determine who the true originator of some of these gifs is.  By the time they're modified, re-colored, and re-lettered, the origin of the gif can become pretty iffy.  Here are the artists whose work is currently displayed within Frograil.  Some of them may be prominent within these pages, while others' may be quite subtle.  All have made contributions to train gifs and Frograil, and are certainly worthy of recognition within the train gifs community:

Chris Denbow

Ed Bindler   
Ed Burchell   
Tom Burger

Tburgers Page

Tom Carter
Brian Clough JavaScript Tutorials
David Cooley
Chris Dawalt
David Epling
Brendan Frisina
Ray Hamm
John Hatchitt  
Dave Hersrud
David Howarth, Jr.  
Joshua Johnson
Doug Kaniuk Chicagoland Shortline
Dan Klitzing
Dan Learn
Sebastian Ledesma http://www.geocities.com/lsisrail/index.html
Matt Liverani
Austin MacDougall  
Dan MacKellar
Cullen McCormick
Lowell McManus
Brad Morocco  
Lance Myers
Justin Nelson Commuter and other train gifs
Ron Paludan


Rahn Pittman

Rahn's Train Gif Page

Erik Rasmussen
Gary Sereico  
James Solakidis North American/Canadian     
Gregg Staley
Matt Steinblock
Alex Stroshane
Nick Wilson

Nick's Train Gifs

Greg Wiltsie
Alfred Woolfolk II
Bryn Zellner