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Train Gifs Tutorials

These tutorials will be aimed at helping you become successful with the display and use of train gifs and train gif scenes.  They will not help you draw them, because I am not an artist, but at the end of the list of Frograil tutorials are a few links to excellent tutorials that have been created by artists.  Some tutorials will be insultingly basic to some of you, but all of us have to start out somewhere, and not everyone has the benefits of a strong formal education in things techie, or years of experience.  And quite frankly, just because we may possess a lot of knowledge and experience, there is no guarantee that we're all doing things optimally -- or even well!  We're never too old and experienced to learn better ways of doing things.

Basic javaScript scene components

File names

Sizing Trains for Depth

Skeleton Scripted Train Gif Scene

Train Gifs Basic Scene Components

Train Gifs Scale Calculator

Using the <marquee> tag

Working with Layers -- The Z-Index

"How to Draw" Train Gifs Tutorials

Dave Cooley

Dave Hersrud