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Train Gif Scenes

Note:  All intermodal gifs are being re-drawn to scale, and we apologize for any busted links, but this project is large, and will take a while.

With time, patience, and a little luck, my plan is to build several scenes.  Besides being an intellectual exercise, it's enjoyable to view the trains running thru their "world".  Hopefully, these scenes will serve as a showcase for the work of the artists whose work is stored on the Frograil Train Gifs pages.

Virginia CS/CSX/RFP/A-T Scene

        This was the first scene not using <style> declared layers, as I finally figured out how to use the placeStatic function.  The ability to properly place structures adds a 3-dimensional effect, which greatly increases the visual interest in the scene.  There are 3 tracks and 16 trains in the scene, with the rear third track going behind Dave Hersrud's station and between the legs of Gregg Staley's large grain structure.  The trains on that track simulate moves in and out of a yard/industrial facility.  To completely cycle thru all trains requires more than a few minutes.

Wood Products Scene

        This was my biggest one, at least to that point.  A complete recycling of all trains and vehicles in the scene takes something like 15 minutes.  There is only one main track, but 2 tracks are in the background, not including a busy 2-lane truck road in and out of the plant's receiving yard.  Trains accelerate and decelerate in the scene.  This is a fairly complex scene, and was a bear to populate with trains and trucks.

Chicago Scenes:  1978 and 2003

        Dave Hersrud has drawn hundreds of fallen flag train gifs, and I wanted a way to display those.  I decided a Chicago scene of 25 years ago was appropriate (I designed both these scenes in 2003).  As I was developing the 1978 scene, I thought it would be fun to also create an up-to-date 2003 scene.  The contrast in the engines and cars really surprised me.  There is relatively little overlap between 1978's trains and those of 2003, with covered hoppers and tank cars being perhaps the major exceptions.  A grain train of today looks pretty much like those of a quarter century ago.

        The signals, roadbed and buildings in both scenes are identical, but the similarity stops there.  As of November 2003, I have 5 trains in each direction on the 2003 scene, and will be adding more.  The 1978 scene is a bit of a mess, with some trains released, others blocked, and others incomplete.  It's more of a work in progress than the 2003 scene.

Savannah 2004.

        This is a scene I created because I love Savannah, and the railroad action there is of great interest.  There is lots of intermodal action in and out of the port, as well as heavy main line action on the the CSX A-Line.  The addition of the Georgia Central and heavy NS manifest and intermodal traffic made this spot an easy choice for a train gifs scene.  Having a shortline doing the port switching is icing on the cake.

Copyright considerations:  You are authorized to download and use these images on your personal website -- indeed, you're encouraged to do so.  However, you are not authorized to download and use these images on any website or other medium that has any commercial content.  For example, if you have "Joe's Railfan Pages" without any advertisements, that's fine.  But when you place your first banner ad or other commercial content on your pages, you are no longer authorized to use these gifs without written permission from the originator of the gif.  Please send Frograil (via the e-Mail Tony button above) your copyright request, and I'll forward it to the appropriate individual.  [Note that Frograil is not the creator of any of these gifs, and cannot, therefore, directly extend copyright permission to use them for commercial purposes.]