Frograil Train Gif Scenes

Somewhere in Northern Virginia, ca 1996

There are lots of goodies in this scene, and it will replay over and over, with differing viewing effects, as the trains vary in length and speed.  So, a train completely obscured the first time thru may be completely open the next time.  Get a cold drink, relax, and let the trains come to you.


About the scene

As with all of the Frograil train gifs scenes, there are 3 objectives to be met by this scene.  First and foremost is the desire to showcase the excellent train gif artwork that is available thru Frograil.  The artists credited with the creation of these gifs have given us a vast and varied collection of gifs from which to choose.  All gifs used in this scene can be found within Frograil. 

Secondly, this scene was developed as a lab to test the "placeStatic" function of Brian Clough's methodology.  This function allows three dimensional object positioning, in that you may specify the point where you want the object to display, as well as the "depth" in the scene you want it to occupy.  This is what allows the Ameristeel local, for example, to go between the legs of the large grain elevator.

Finally, there is a (very) loose effort to display trains that are prototypically correct for northern Virginia.  Even the Ameristeel train is typical of a short local to a metals facility, and the cars are certainly ones representative of the area.  What is non-prototypical is the mixture of eras, wherein we see paint schemes long gone intermixed with the newest GE AC's.  That's merely poetic license on my part, and I do it for variety and enjoyment.