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Whimsical & Imagineered

Unlike the real thing, train gif artists can produce things that aren't prototypical.  Some may be common equipment in uncommon livery; others may be downright outrageous.  All have the potential to be fun to work with.  Please observe the Copyright Considerations at the bottom of this page. 

Freight Cars
Generic Stylized Drawings
Highland Pacific
Sacramento Central



F7A Gregg Staley
F7B Gregg Staley
F7 Set Gregg Staley

Conrail SD80MAC double cabbed Lance Myers
MAERSK PA/PB set Gregg Staley
MAERSK PA Gregg Staley
MAERSK PB Gregg Staley
Nevada & Northern David Epling
Nevada & Northern David Epling
NYC Gregg Staley
  NYC Gregg Staley
NYC Gregg Staley
Red River & Western SD45T-2 David Epling
Tennessee Central SD40-2 Dan MacKellar
Tyco ATSF GP20 Tom Carter
Tyco Chattanooga GP20 Tom Carter
UP BL2 Ed Bindler

UP DD40X double cabbed Lance Myers

UP SD90MAC double cabbed Lance Myers
UP SD100MAC Lance Myers


Freight Cars

AMT AutoMax Gregg Staley
BN AutoMax Gregg Staley
GT AutoMax Gregg Staley
  Her-Key Ry Dave Hersrud
  Hershville Dave Hersrud
  Keystone Term. Dave Hersrud
Maersk Cabeese Ed Bindler
MAERSK RR'S Gregg Staley
  MAERSK RR'S Gregg Staley
MAERSK RR'S Gregg Staley
  MAERSK RR'S Gregg Staley
Portland & Western Caboose David Epling
    RR Archives Lance Myers
  Railfan USA Lance Myers
Soo AutoMax Gregg Staley
TFM AutoMax Gregg Staley
UP AutoMax Gregg Staley

Generic Stylized Drawings

Steamer Lance Myers


Copyright considerations:  You are authorized to download and use these images on your personal website -- indeed, you're encouraged to do so.  However, you are not authorized to download and use these images on any website or other medium that has any commercial content.  For example, if you have "Joe's Railfan Pages" without any advertisements, that's fine.  But when you place your first banner ad or other commercial content on your pages, you are no longer authorized to use these gifs without written permission from the originator of the gif.  Please send Frograil (via the e-Mail Tony button above) your copyright request, and I'll forward it to the appropriate individual.  [Note that Frograil is not the creator of any of these gifs, and cannot, therefore, directly extend copyright permission to use them for commercial purposes.]